Wednesday, July 02, 2008

pimp my streamyx!

W00T! I hope i'm not the only one who heard the latest news that they're going to zhng our streamyx broadband speed! (sorry maxis people.. you seriously don't know what you're losing out on.)

And surprisingly Streamyx is actually faster than I thought!

Streamyx as in the company not the connection itself! It was rumoured that they would increase from 1Mbps connections to 1.5Mbps!

YAY! Time to get those animes that I've have been catching up with for a loooooooong time..

And there's bound to be skeptics and non-believers out there.. oh yeah? check this out - photographic evidence of my brand new 1.5 Mbps connection!

Soon after 5 minutes...

And after 20 mins..

WTF WHO AM I KIDDING?! DON'T MESS WITH US, STREAMYX! 1.5 Mbps? More like -1.5 Mbps man! It took me an HOUR to send a 6Mb song to my friend! So that's like about 100kb PER MINUTE? 1.sumthing kb/s?!?!

Mind you this lag-athon has occurred since yesterday evening! Now it's obviously NOT laziness that killed the bloggers!

Thank God for considerate friends of mine who're not whiners like me, who decided to investigate and search for the source of this problem.

then again Manchester United fans will always be the buggers they've always been.

Yes we should be thankful for even having broadband, but that speed I experienced was DIAL-UP 56k LEH. Shouldn't I just revert back to the 56k land we all came from?

But hey, at least they're working on it. At least this post is getting through. I don't have anything against streamyx - I just can't stand the LAG!

I thought of doing the guys at streamyx a favour for trying to fix the lag (which I hope you guys are working on).. but this was all I could come up with.


zhenlong25 said...

I 100% agree with you, the speed has been super slow and problematic lately...hopefully they are doing something

btw, i randomly clicked your post from innit =) have a nice day

singingcoconut said...

Glory Glory Glory MAN U!
Arsenal sucks XD
but connection super slow donno since when so I gt ntg 2 say bout it ;p

Venessa ♥♥ said...

OOOOH MAN UTD FANS ARE buggers now la. ooohkaaay. =/