Sunday, July 20, 2008


Need I say more?

Actually I need to. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I could not blog at ALL yesterday. Think about the students, the employees and employers who are burned out by their weekly 9-5 weekday schedules - hoping to just have a relaxing time, lounging over the world wide web.. ONLY to face more frustration caused by the one and only STREAMYX.

I shall not go on ranting - so let's try something more productive. If you agree that they've been messing with us, their (no choice but to be) loyal customers..


Joooooooooooom streamyx!

PS: does anyone notice the irony of 19 unique visitors on the 19th?


Kean said...

there IS something totally wrong with Streamyx

electronicfly said...

you're not the only one with the sudden huge drop in readership.

I think the connection everywhere sucking la, so ppl lazy to load the blog.


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