Saturday, July 05, 2008

i'm addicted

I use the computer more often than watching the tele.

Firefox and Internet Explorer is second nature to me.

I visit everyday.

I try to blog everyday cuz I'm addicted.

I blog hop more often than I use facebook.

I don't do or understand whatever you just wrote above here.

I eat, sleep and live everyday.

If you have any of the symptoms above (not like you have a choice), you probably breathe just like everyone else. It's great that you do - isn't it awesome how we are all different people yet we are same as humans. (Gee way to go captain obvious)

Sometimes, not all of us can accept these differences.

Why is there fighting?

Why does violence even exist?

Why are you different?

What made you different?

A lot of people know the answer to these questions. 'but I dont..' - I know how you feel man. Sometimes the smallest difference in opinion causes the biggest of catastrophes.

yeah it's normal for arguments to occur in a relationship - it only strengthens them. but some people can't stand the heat. some choose to bottle it up. and eventually explode.

that's their getaway plan. that's their escape to paradise. that sweet surrender. really?

if you're reading this, remember that time you got real pissed at someone? so much you got disappointed in that person?

so much you couldn't take.

you were looking for a way out. we've been there too. there are many ways that lead us out.

but we were desperate.

we would take ANY way out.

weren't we?

Whatever your way was. We've definitely had our fair share of running away. But whatever it maybe - the next time we need a getaway or the next time we need to make an important decision in life..

just stop.

and think.

from a neutral point of view.

no feelings. just thoughts.

you'll find the answer.

cuz you know it best.

I don't think it's about drugs.

It's about us.

It's about the thought that leads to the action.

So. rationalize.


singingcoconut said...
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singingcoconut said...

for my very low moment, I think it helps a lot to motivates me :)

Thanks for this wonderful post and let's Jia You~

Shu Yi aka Sherry said...

Hahahaha im definitely addicted then, I cant even tear myself away to study sometimes haha