Sunday, July 27, 2008

gotta have them all


No it isn't about Pikachu and his friends. I'm actually working on an article, bringing together some of the hottest stuff of 2008 (or sometime around 08) that you just gotta have. Well personally I live without most of these, hence they're more of a trend rather than a I-gotta-have-it-or-else-no-air-no-airrrrwtf.

Anyways, here's where YOU, make the difference! Yep you!


Yes you lah who else.

Right off the top of your head, what are the 'gottahave's of 2008 in your opinion?

Is it the Mr. Men and Little Miss T-shirts?

ooh I know you guys love this.
iPods and the latest of its kind - the iPhone?

one for the ladies,
gladiator heels perhaps?

Or those skinnies that totally flaunt your sexy legs?

It could've been one of the aforementioned - then again if you have something different, something I didn't mention, something that deserves that 'GOTTA CATCH HAVE EM ALL!' attention of the mass, please - share it!

Do so by just leaving a comment on this post or on my cbox. All comments are greatly appreciated :D

You know, madness is a lot like gravity - all you need is a little push.

Here's my little push to get the ball rolling.

alienware. <3>

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