Wednesday, July 09, 2008

we're INNIT together

Remember that magazine you read while you were waiting for your turn at the clinic?

Remember that copy of The Sun you took while you got off the LRT that you eventually read?

Remember that flier that promoter handed to you which you read - and then threw into the bin?

Or how about that email you just read - "Fwd: If you're really my friend, pass this on.."

Whatever that was, it didn't take long till it hit me that I'm INNIT. You are too!

It could be the reason behind the creation of Innit itself... - you see, that magazine, that copy of The Sun, that flier and that email.. they all have one thing in common - information.

It doesn't matter what form it comes in, somehow or another, it got to us! A friend of mine, Jason, once said - who you are is determined by the books you read, the movies you watch and the people you meet. *basically the information you receive..

Having that thought digested, it should be evident that we, bloggers, who have our own network of friends - are inevitably part of this cycle of information!

For example, you could be blogging about a new pair of sneakers you REALLLY wanted to get. The next moment there's someone who's looking for sneakers with a nice design who eventually stumbled upon your blog. Now what are the odds of that person buying that sneakers you blogged about just awhile ago? Not too high - but not too low either!

It's because when we post something that people can relate to, they choose to accept that information. Even when people disagree and deny it, it's part of them indefinitely - that article on The Sun that was utter nonsense, that Innit post which deserved a dang or that ridiculous price for the new promotional package of a product - it doesn't matter! The fact that they rant, gossip or talk about it is a mark of their acknowledgment of that piece of info!

It's like dropping a small lit matchstick into a haystack. This chain reaction could make or break, though. I'm sure all of us blog for various reasons - but if your blog could help someone out today, tomorrow or in the near future - better yet, save someone's life.. Wouldn't it be gratifying?

You're acting weird recently, publishing random posts that are so unlike you.. why?

Truth be told, I was honestly inspired by this video - Adjusting The Sails.

You never know who's watching the video. Someone who could really use a helping hand?

..with great power comes great responsibility..

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