Thursday, July 17, 2008

you'll see them someday

I thought I could use a little reality check and the world could use a little update coming from my side of the earth..

Just completed my G-Clamp and the's been an 8-week project and thank God we're over with.. and there's a maths test next week which I'm so unprepared for.

Sigh. they're leaving. again.

it really sucks to know the greatest things in life last for the shortest time ever.

just got down the hill with Chong and gang.. updates coming up soon..

and I swear it was the time of my life.

going somewhere far. getting away from it all. why does it feel SO good?
seriously why why why. I need to know.
spending great time with friends - both old and new.

perhaps that's the life I really want.

I miss it all :/

1 comment:

ChongX said...

hey bro,
love you man! im glad you tagged along that day=) i will get the pics and send to you soon!till next time!!=)