Thursday, August 21, 2008


If you expected those pictures of hot girls and hunks clubbing - forget it. Not here. The red X button on the top right corner of this window will save your trouble, and your time.

This is a battle : clubbing vs dancing.

I don't know what a clubber's life is like. But being as neutral as I can be (though I freaking love to jump around, shake a.k.a. goyang or shuffle or try and fail at dancing) I hope to gain some insight from the comments you guys will shower at me. Here goes!

Clubbing is just a night out, having an awesome time with your friends and also a great opportunity to meet new people - that is, if you don't get wasted. Also, a great opportunity to venture with your new buddies - vodka and whiskey :D Not your taste nvm.. there's cocktails.. So all in all it IS just a night to socialize, meet up with friends and party party party! Oh and how could I miss out on sightseeing! Don't deny the fact that tops the 'reasons-to-go-clubbing-list' of yours is to check out those hotties!

Dancing, on the other hand, is an expression itself. Can be done anywhere, anytime, with anyone or even alone! It's probably done best when spontaneous - in response to the music you're listening to, regardless of whatever dance background you came from - latin, hip hop, contemporary, jazz, street dancing etc. The stereotypical asian statement - "I can't dance la" is nothing more than a humble expression, cuz it takes two to dance. Two feet that is. Two elements - the music and you. So you think you can dance? lol everyone can dance it's a matter of whether you want to or not.

And now the question beckons.

Since a club plays music and there's alcohol as an extra incentive - why do people just stop and stare? WHY ._.

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siew mei said...

hey cheese.....
anyway i go clubbing for the socialising, drinking AND dancing. hahaha