Saturday, August 16, 2008

whenever the time is right

or whenever it may be wrong.
it's doesnt matter at all,
cuz i may have lost my sight.


songs that used to take three months
now in a day i write
blinded somehow by a glance
it took me over like a trance

more than a feeling
beyond my control
something's pounding,


i'll sing about you. ineedto

sound the sirens, ignite the beacon
just like a lighthouse

a brawl with the storm,
in search of a soul
taken not its toll
by a watery hole

i plead for the calm,
that should hath follow
it'll leave me hollow -
you're gone tomorrow

song of the siren,
i wish it was not
played with my thought
you - that i sought

navigation has failed,
not once, thrice or two..
i lost my rhyme.. wait!
I feel the sight of you.

they'll never comprehend
this feeling inside
you too won't understand
why I just can't confide

beyond my senses,
you exhilarate me,
all that relentless
for you I must see.

no please no, don't leave
again you're impossible to find!
stuck in my mind
she's one of a kind

all that was gain
i now have lost
were you worth the cost
to be stuck in this frost?

thaw me once more

breathe right through my veins

cuz all that remains

are hopeless complaints.

PS: If you only knew. Sigh.

edit: it's ironic though - this is post # 111.
No plans. No schemes. No arrangements.
Just feel.

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