Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympics and beyond it.

No sorry it's not going to be a picture post. Click that red button on the top-right corner to save your precious time you photo-philes..

You know. I didn't bother about the last one held in Athens, and perhaps it would be the same plans this year! Yay! Don't give no hoots about it!

But no. TV was on during dinner and somehow there was this celebration feeling pounding within me. maybe it was because of Argentina's lucky win over Ivory Coast yesterday.. then again there was nothing better to watch on the idiot box..

Honestly the opening ceremony started off with flying colours, literally. It is a continuous rush of adrenaline. Note : is - because it doesn't stop there. It's like watching The Dark Knight or V For Vendetta - as the clues and storyline unfold so does your heartrate and that curiosity is sharpening its knife to stab you like it did to the cat wth?

Anyways. Watching it was exhilarating enough - so much my breath was exhilaratingly trying to escape from me! in a nutshell...


Those whose relatives or friends who won idol, so you think you can dance and one in a million or those reality shows shutup a. ._.

Anyways SERIOUSLY. Being a couch potato is probably the most unproductive thing that one can resort to - but it was different. I was proud. I was dam proud my eyes were stuck on that box throughout the entire presentation. Didn't even go toilet dei.

That's how spine chilling it was. It was that sense of pride just trickling down your spine.. to know that you have ancestors that migrated to where we are now. Speechless.

and zomg the unison! Their marching, the performances - it was so N'sync, Justin Timberlake could've lost his job! China did such a great job that 'proud' is an understatement to how any chinese should feel now!

I know I may not be from mainland China. At least part of me within these veins are.

random thought of the moment

you know the presidents or country leaders will wave at their national squad as they parade.. where's Badawi?

I'm a (CHINESE) couch potato and for once, I'm PROUD TO SHOUT IT OUT!


huiyin_hsu said...

I am so so proud to be a CHINESE as well ! :D

Everything was so.. so amazing !!

Roeseann said...

I totally know how you feel! I felt the EXACT same way when I was watching it. Exactly what you described.


- yuhhui - said...

OOOH YEAH. The footsteps were very impressive and the performances. Too bad astro only focused on some. I didn't know they have martial arts and all also. so cool. IM PROUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China's theme all very peaceful. I like