Friday, August 01, 2008

a song from the C

who the heck is this?

I wouldn't have known who she is until the p24 dance marathon held at HELP university college some time ago.. Cecilia, better yet known as C.C. on So You Think You Can Dance [SYTYCD] (Malaysia) - a student of HELP itself (YEAH HELP STUDENTS ROCK) and a proud national latin dancer! Blew you away didn't it, sure did for me.

Anyways, I never watched SYTYCD until the finale but the fact that CC was in the top 20 and now top 4! Now that's something wei! perhaps it's nothing for her, national latin dancer ma.. but what really sent chills down my spine was this..


(#*&@!*)#&)@!(*# SHE FREAKING WON! Just imagine the emotions running through her.. and the few hundred thousands of people watching this live.. I guess I felt something cuz it's someone you know, though not that close - but still someone you know.

The top 4 were just brilliant, truly they all deserved to win. And though having a lot of thoughts of who should have won running through my mind..

I'm just glad my RM 1.00 helped.

Congratulations Cecilia!

PS: I've never SMS-ed to vote for anyone to win a competition, ever. in my life. Beginner's luck?

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Baby said...

i was expecting her to win. i think she's better than sim (in terms of girls)