Saturday, August 16, 2008

muster every ounce of confidence

Remember that girl or guy last night that caught your eye when you were at an event? After last night, did you regret not mustering the courage to approach and to get to know him/her?

So the next time it happens, a guy or girl that really catches your eye..

do you go?

or do you RE-regret?

Author's personal notes:

It has probably happened to a lot of people including myself countless times. The best part is after a looong session of regretting - the most repeated phrase said would be "It's okay, just remember not to make the same mistake again." LOL WHO AM I KIDDING. Hey maybe I just don't learn from mistakes that don't hit me hard enough hahaha..

What is YOUR take on this? It's just a little poll at the bottom - your click is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Your sincere opinions are most welcome too :D would love to hear from you guys.

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