Sunday, September 14, 2008

i got no crazy pictures of me half body up

2008-09-12 : People were leaving and some were dying. *like me. Dying of lack of fatigue, restlessness, lethargy and insanity. Regardless of such conditions, we still had time. TO EAT :D TOGETHERRR AGAIN! Yeah, it was @ Restaurant Talipon Kelana Jaya (not worth the money.. I heard sunway mentari has steamboat/BBQ like this for only 17 bucks.) which costs 21.80 per person. I think. Nuff said but before that..

Credits go to one of the paling awesome photographers I know in my life - who never ceases to amuse me and impress me at times. A great brother-in-christ, a best friend and a PASSIONATE! notice there wasn't a noun after that word? That's cuz he redefines passionate - as a noun! wait then it should be passionaire..wtvv. You'll know what I mean if you meet him.. and ladies - he's single, available and ubER JOKER WEI.

I present to you, JASON :D

The man who gets his angles right. All the time.
Except maybe when it comes to maths la. I know you hate maths right hahahahaha

Told you he's got all the right angles.
Sharon - my fellow victim-of-a-communist-primary-school


Encik Marcus who recently stumbled upon his new found love..

*what were you thinking marc :P you scoring? XP


LEADER = duty free alcohol.

Rachel and Yuhhui who hopped on my crazy waja that night..

bloody health freaks like my mom :P konon la health freaks - a mountain of cockles and clamfish and you trying to act all health conscious hahahahah yh you just lucky we didn't have photographic evidence.


Because some people just can't stand being straight.


Han Sheng! who came later after classes..
you're getting pretty fluent already man! gambatehh

Can you spot the lalas?













Sorry I was referring to this pic. LALA!
kiddin k ahahah

Somehow our pics were getting kinda messed up towards later in the night..

Yuhhui you contesting for America's Next Top HAND Model ah.



Just to prove that we were having STEAMboat.
o man bad pun.

Just because I'm smiling in this pic.

And because you're puffing like a pufferfish Jason hahahaha.

Also because Marcus is...

Marcus! wtf ahAHah

Goodbye Yuhhui.. T.T I hope the dinner was disturbing enough in terms of wellness to prepare your bowels for Manipal.. Have a great and safe trip.. this post definitely goes out to you my fellow tries-so-hard-to-be-lame-queen HAHAAHHA XP

But seriously, we'll really gonna miss you

(emoticon at max size to emphasize)

Come back and show us how curry is REALLY done k? :D

PS: Fine it's not the last time I'm wearing that pink shirt of mine. dam comfortable okay!

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- yuhhui - said...

Hey, thanks wei. Love this post. =) i AM lame la.. what trying to be lame queen. Hahahhaha. =) Man.. i SO MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ur post really. Funny and really the essence for chee seng !!!! =)