Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Queenstown Love

I'm just so tired I don't know where to begin wei..

Look out for this space.. I'm currently transferring 91MB worth of pictures. I hope it'll be good, but these pics are from Terry and Tysern.. so it'll don't expect pics that I took cuz I was just camera-lly deprived.

Just got back from the mamma mia movie.. and the funny thing is.. I kinda thought it was pretty good! A lot better than I expected (though Pierce Brosnan really sucks in this flick) - with all the ABBA tracks in this movie, it's a must-go for any die hard ABBA fan out there.

Oh and erh.. wah a bit full though - just had 'the best nasi lemak' at PJ indomee near Shell, old DUMC area.. Yes it was awesome, definitely worth the money - and yes Abby, I won't take so much heaty stuff k~ Just this fried chicken and sambal :P

Still restless as ever.. my biological clock is messed up, thoughts as well, is my life going to follow suit..?

Abby: We're clapping now and I'm really really glad about it :D unless u wanna use your hand and slap me la wtf. LOL. I'll post more about SG when I've the pics and when I'm a bit more sober.. just so restless X.X I seriously can't wait for October. Kinda sg-sick already :/ come quick before the sickness gets worst :/

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