Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Lol my hair really sucks in that picture. This was PD early this year after our 2nd externals. Yet to blog about it, doubt I will have the patience to wait for Blogger's uber-slow photo uploading service anyway. This picture probably holds more value than loads of the emo pics I took during the trip, since a picture is worth a thousand words (more than that actually).

This is a tribute to you Loong! Bluddy Kermit. Kinda disappointing to hear that you won't be coming back to KL again. Redang was really great. The only thing better than that is meeting up again in the near 2-3 years perhaps?

There's actually a similarity within the 3 pictures through which I realised, that though some of us may not always be in these 2d-frames, they're actually closer to us than we think. (sorry I had to be cheesy, wouldn't bring out the reminiscence if I didnt.) Here's to a great 3/2 years of A-Levels!

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