Wednesday, July 04, 2007

License To Thrill : RM 130

Shirt from Topman : RM 150

Parking at Mandarin : RM 8

Batteries for camera : RM 5.90

One last chance to see (some of) your college mates : Priceless. (There's still our langkawi trip..)

One person that stood out that night : Flawless. (We're talking about beauty here just so you know)

Once in a lifetime experience to be blocked by Jie : Timeless. (I'm sure there's more from where that came from =.=)

That was more or less the bittersweet summary of my A-Levels Ball experience, strange innit? I'm quite sure I got my thrill that night though. So anyways, it was supposed to start at 7 when they really had a hard time getting everyone into the ballroom. To be frank I've never been to Mandarin.. was rather spellbound when I saw the ballroom.

If you thought the ballroom was magnificent wait till you see the toilet, yes the toilet. It sounds rather inappropriate to put it that way, but SERIOUSLY! I quote Wei Jin : "This hotel has a toilet IN A TOILET!"

Front view of le johns'

Side view of.. that's edwin btw.. now we know who's more vain.. not forgetting Encik Tuala by the side.

To be more precise, the toilet was almost as big as... you could park a car in it. I mean it, no hiperbolic expressions involved.

Before you continue scrolling, I'd like to apologize for the low quality of pictures that would cause optical damage to my most respected readers out there (if you guys are still there =/).

Jomi sorry.. I sucked in your coat.. Thought he'd look better in it..
This's Keyang btw. JerryC wannabe?

Loong kor! which means dragon. Probably the most random guy from miri I know.
I don't know that many anyway.

Left to right : June Liang, Chee Kien (Setapak shuffler!) and Jie (Kedah's Pride)

Left to right : Wei Jin (eye candy nominator), Caleb ("anymore sarcasm and it'll be hurtful"), Ashvini & June Liang.

Loo and Keyang (Goddess Fans)

Eat some eat.. Sitting at table 45.. we had the front view of the rear entrance of the ballroom, like front row seats for the red carpet showcase! Sadly that meant we were the furthest from the stage.. well not that it really made a difference.. Bands that performed were Borange, some other super awesome jazz band, which then switched their vocalist to 18 year old Cheryl Tan (I have no idea who you are but you sound like Gwen Stefani Jr.). Singing belaian jiwa, frontman Keeshaw (I hope I got this right) along with the rest of Borange (I think?), started out kinda sloppy but you could tell they meant business when Accidentally In Love brought life back into their show again.

A few simple games here and there to get the ballroom pretty hyped up, along with the best dressed male and female award - Wei Jin
(not the one we know) as best dressed male and who was best dressed female again..? With prom king being Mr JoTe and Ms Sukanya as prom queen, Borange (without Keeshaw now) elevated the scene with Dancing in the Moonlight, a definite hearthrob for the ladies.

And what a way to end the prom by evolving from band-played-dance-songs to RnB dance tracks, then adjourning to house music... ugh. Couldn't be bothered, so we HAD to snap our final memories outside the ballroom.

Ming Ka (sorry if I spelt wrong) and Yours Truly (hmm i prefer to be labelled cheez/chee seng)

That's Calvin in between Chee Kien and I.
(Sorry I had to use this pic, i sucked in the other same one though it had better quality.)

Left to right : Wai Onn, Zhan Sheng and Cheng Wei.

Terrible lighting. Thousand apologies.

Well that was more or less about it, my Canon A430 Powershot was underused, perhaps because it didn't have anti-shock, less loading speed and a super-sexy-slim body. I don't blame you dear, we'll work to turn you into a hot Ixus alright? Before leaving I reallocated my car at a higher level since there was space, and couldn't help but pay tribute to
OMG! Nissan Skyline R34?! I think. Anyways it was a breathtaking moment. Pretty much like when she passes by.

Hahahaha. This brings back memories.

The ball ended that night but I was quite sure that it didn't for the rest of us. The rest of the night laughing at Wei Jin competing against me in NFS:Carbon for eye candy? (you lost pal, i'm probably ahead in the race now). Thks fr the mmrs.

Where is she...?

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