Monday, July 30, 2007


Just dug up some photos from the pile.. couldn't help but notice this few.. some random night out wit Ernest, Wei Jinn, Tsong and Elisa. Footage courtesy of Ms. Elisa who had her hands glued to my A430 as well as wei jiannn (which is currently severely damaged due to some redang sea water).

Since holidays started I've been bumming like mad... though I did go out for dinner with Jason, Jeffrey, Ching and Cheng Wei last night at Kim Gary's, The Curve.

Eh actually your hair quite long ar, never really noticed. I mean er.. compared to now it's relatively long. Speaking of which my hair was rather long then too.. eventually gave up on keeping long hair.. darn tiresome.

Heahah tsong.. never had a shot more candid than this.. besides that constipated face only you can do. Nest khaw.. i'm pretty sure you're bumming too, except you've a car which really makes a world of difference..

Ok I'm done randoming. PS : Jinn, I was about to post the wetland picture but I realised you weren't it in so yeah, till I get the one with you in it, make some spot the differences game perhaps?

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