Thursday, May 15, 2008

lethal industry

Shit I can't believe the weekend just flew by. What I thought was 48 hours of madness eventually came to an end.. and thanks to The Star and Kosmo, the perimeter of my parental gravity has just been extended.

Yes. They took away my rave parties. not to mention there's xlive festival @ genting this weekend..

SERIOUSLY! How can paranoia be so damn infectious??!! It's fine if you take away this weekend's rave or the next few ones but please let me go for Global Gathering in November.. BUT EVEN A CLASS TRIP WITH MY FRIENDS TO PERHENTIAN?!?!?!

rawr. Here's what it sounds like.

"Hey erm I'm going to Perhentian with my friends this coming June a.. Marcus, Jason, Siew Mei, Mel, Yuhhui, Khong, Han Sheng.. my old school friends. Never see them for some time d. so yeah"

"Har? why you wanna go this kinda places? this south china sea.. you never read the news a? nowadays so many things happening still wanna go this kinda places.."

yah and after freedom festival it was more like..

*wakes up and check mail and forums to hope for pics from freedom festival*

"eh you read the papers today a? you never kena lockup a?"


"this kinda places next time better not go i tell you."

"... those ppl kena lockup cuz they had reasons to be locked up, they were under the influence"

"ya but if got lockup and all this means something wrong with this kinda places adi.. next time better not go i tell you.."

the man said almost the same thing except..

"eh you never kena lockup a? why this kinda places also you wanna go wan? u never see the police a?? ppl innocent doesnt mean you innocent k!! you get caught how?"

*quite frus*"the police are there to make sure everything is safe so if they apprehended ppl they did the right thing la! i didnt kena cuz i waited for everyone to slowly walk out then oni i ciao ma.."

"but still this kind of place better not go i tell you."

yah. better not go wei. i quote my buddy from MASH.

"In that Kosmo, I kinda find it biased, cuz they fail to mention the rest of the crowd there. Its like the Caucasians are the only ones with skimpy clothes. LOL, thats what u get from the general media.

Also 30 ppl out of the 10k ppl got arrested for abusive substance, so that makes the whole 10k bad? so if Lingam takes bribe, does that also means all the ppl in Prime Minister Dept. takes bribe? We have a very funny government." - eZdZ

first of all, it's a party by the beach. don't tell me you're gonna wear jeans to party? no offense to the ppl wearing jeans.. dress code should be : less is more! just think practical and comfort wise doh.

mind you. that pic that was altered with mosaic censorship? it was just her cleavage la. so even that is not allowed? geez. I really hope this isn't the start of a new PAS era like what they did to Terengganu.. beautiful city, beautiful islands but screwed up management.

anyways, enough of these stereotypical single track minds. hopefully my parents will give a different answer about the perhentian thing. as for Xlive... no hope d gua wahahha.

PS: Debra, really sorry I ffk-ed for Marie Digby. Had a long day browsing musical instruments.. quite fun hehehe. A bit tired so I chilled at home instead.. I can't imagine looking forward to Marie's soothing tunes when everyone else around me is squeezing and trying to get closer to her in that GAP outlet.. so yeah. Maybe A-levels ball?

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