Sunday, February 18, 2007


February has been a rather pleasing month to me. So pleasant that this post will not involve any pictures XP. This period of less-than-30-days has taught me to feel grateful again for what i have. Oh right, Happy Chinese New Year!

It may sound wrong but going back to Bukit Pelandok this year has kept me smiling throughout my entire trip. Well not all the time. But it's just that reunion feeling that goes beyond happiness. And that feeling is totally indescribable.

PS: To fans of my vacation trips (like the unfinished langkawi post), if there are any, it will quite some time more till i get back to it. Honestly I've been losing the hype to blog. Sorry. Note: Bukit Pelandok is my hometown, it's near Sungai Nipah, the J.E. place? yeah. Thank God that was the past.

However back to this period of time. Due to overstatements and excessive commercials, the 14th of this month can be compared to a piece of shxt labelled 'chocolate'. When I was enlightened by Ms C during EngLit.. I couldn't agree more to Singles' Awareness Day, as well as to question, why the heck do people make such a big fuss about that day, when all it was known for, was a Saint who married people off secretly just so they wouldn't have to shed blood on the battlefield in war?? This is not a broken-hearted helpless romantic screaming for attention, but rather an individualist tearing off that 'chocolate' label of the piece of shxt, allowing its' stench to circulate and eventually bring conscience to those blinded by the media.

Moving on, CNY is up! Attended my first cny church service and it really gives a refreshing feeling! Everytime I get back to Bukit Pelandok a feel this great surge of faith, fire and strength, similar to the hype of praising and worship! Imagine a congregation of less than 40, lifting their hearts solely to Him and bearing witness to such strength in faith reminds me of how bad we want Him and all of it.. God is really magnificent (tell you why soon enough). Oh and as this's the year of the pig, i've been having loads of.. BABI!!! zomg. so much of it. i've had 'zhu du tang' (pork stomache soup), wich has loads of pork... and intestines.. gosh i love it. SO MUCH.

This cny, wit angpaos going on, I have yet to check my blessings this year. All I know is i surrender all that cash to God in contribution to ministrying in music (an electric guitar this year Lord, please =]).

Random thoughts. Ghost rider is really like that piece of sh.. labelled.. you get wha' mean. Aunt's got reunion and housewarming in penang this coming sat.. can't play for uth =( (perhaps He knows it's not my time to play lead..?).. I hope my next post will resume on those wonderful trips.. with lots of pics. I really hope. Right, about why God is so magnificent. Believe or not my cousin has been sharing the gospel with my grandmother for about 1-2 months.. and she's accepted Christ! It's said that the whole of heaven rejoices even when one soul is saved, what more the rest of the earth! Praise God and all glory to Him!!

Scripture to engrave : Jeremiah 29:11

February 14th another day,
how to love a person - infinite ways,
'i love you's on every other day,
isn't it just another phase?

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