Friday, February 22, 2008


Yes. Time is running out. So fast, faster than the tickets being sold out at the Malaysian Airlines Travel Fair, faster than girls who rush in to Zara the moment the 80% sale starts. Fast and furious, yes it is. Life is good? Erm.. yeah it is! just hectic! IMSOFREAKINGSLEEPYWTHHH.

Anyways, thanks Chris, you got me blogging. Wow. 9th wonder of the world wei, 8th belongs to karpe-dm lawl. Check him out at his myspace, Karpe-dm (Carpe Diem = Sieze the Moment).

As promised, santa was a lil gracious during christmas but sadly those toys weren't for me to keep X.X though I had the chance to run through these babies to know what I want in a g.. GREAT GUITAR EFFECT PEDAL.


Kevin's (Kevin Lim, not Tan) monster rack! Eat you then oni u noe.

Wait for those who do NOT know what a guitar effect pedal does, it's actually a pedal, that creates different effects to be output through the amp. Distortion, phaser, flanger, chorus, wah, acoustic simulator just to name a few. So I was lucky enough to have Kevin's kick ass arsenal lent to me for a day to mess around with =D

Boss XT-2 Xtortion.
Honestly I dunno why it's called Xtortion, sounds so aggressive. Ah.. maybe that's why.. This pedal delivers a nu-metal solid distortion sound. Linkin park and POD-ish distortion.. Oh yeah, this was bestowed upon Kevin from Michael of AskMeAgain. Uber awesome band.

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter.
This is one heckuva toy. It gives that space travel effect, a reaallly funky electronic effect, a really phasy... shifty.. phase shifting effect! Really lost for words for this pedal, you've gotta try it to enjoy it! Bought it for 3-4xx didn't you Kev?

Lazer Metal Rocker.
One of Kevin's first few pedals. Uber high gain distortion that sounds like the guitar's about to be torn into shreds. Perfect for those pinch harmonics.

Zoom 505.
This is CLASSIC seriously. WTF IS MY CAM STRING DOING THERE. Anyways, this was Wei Luen's pedal, till he moved on to more analog pedals and decided to give this white elephant to Kev. A multi-effects pedal which imho gives anyone from beginner to intermediate level more than enough guitar effects to mess around with. Mind you it's digital and it's made in Japan so don't expect the best quality in every effect it produces.

That's it for now. Though I do have more to share about my life.. but Irlyhavtogoseriouslybb.

Seriously. I need time.


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